Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's about that time

I actually wanted to write this post on Mother's Day, but turns out... I was busy spoiling a couple mothers :-)

Leah and I have recently started the process of adopting Jeremiah's sibling.  This is a decision that we knew we were going to make, but the timing of everything has been quite difficult to negotiate.  I am sure these are decisions that all parents make, and I think it's funny when we try to plan things out.  God already knows who Jeremiah's sibling is going to be.  He already has the plan.  Regardless of the theology, we have just completed our formal application.  We are cleaning up a few loose ends, and then we will start the home study process again.  Please pray for the timing of everything, as while we are excited, we are also pretty nervous about the whole process again.

After this last weekend, I am 100% confident that we are making the right decision.  Friday night, we had friends come over and we did a lot of work on our adoption video.  We are actually doing a live action video rather than a slideshow like we did last time. (hopefully its not hokey... I am trusting in my friend's talents!)  Saturday was Birthmother's day.  Leah, Jeremiah and I took Stephanie out to dinner.  It is always cool to see these two women interact with Jeremiah.  Nothing is sweeter than a mother's love.  This kid has two women that have that bond with him.  After dinner, we went to a local park to play, and show Stephanie how much fun this guy is on a playground.   It was a great evening overall, and it was great to see and hear how well things are going for Stephanie.   For Mother's Day, Leah and I went to brunch with Jeremiah, Leah's parents, and her aunt and uncle.  I of course did what I do at any breakfast buffet, and gorged on all manner of breakfast food and desert!  After brunch, the girls all went to a movie, Jeremiah slept, and I worked around the house.  When they returned Leah and I took a bike ride to a different local park, and let Jeremiah play around again.  He is obsessed with Basketball.   He really wanted to shoot baskets on the big kid goal, but would not let me pick him up.  It was pretty great.  I tell you all of this to tell you that I love watching Leah love Jeremiah.  I can't wait to see what she is going to do with a second child.  Mothering is so very natural to her.  She is patient, she is kind, she is love to both of us, but so sweetly to Jeremiah.

Please be prepared to tune back in if you are interested in our journey.  As we move through this process and pray for our new birthmother, we will be keeping you updated as we go.