Monday, April 23, 2012

God at work!

So on Friday I got a call from the marketing department of Buffalo Wild Wings, basically I believe to tell me they couldn't do the fundraiser. DON'T STOP READING!  I guess in the past people have been less than scrupulous with fundraisers, even to the degree of pretending to have a sick child, and raising money for their "care."  Understandably, having been burned more than once, BWW was a little hesitant to do a fundraiser for a person, rather than a charity.  This is where God comes in.  I instantly had the idea of doing the fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services, and registered 501(c)3 organization, on my behalf.  This allows them to continue with the fundraiser, and Bethany Christian has agreed to accept the money for me, and put it towards our adoption.  I am very excited about this, because I am confident that God gave me the idea.  He also made it possible to get a mountain of paperwork and coordination done between the two organizations done so that I can still "hopefully" have our flyers by Tuesday, which is when you may see an article in the Waterford Area Chamber newsletter proclaiming this thing to be happening and directing people here to see a flyer that I don't yet have!  Anyway after a fairly relaxing morning on Friday, I ended in a flurry, but we were able to get a lot accomplished.

Also, over the weekend I talked to several people that are far out of town and wished they could come to the fundraiser, or otherwise help our cause.  Our adoption worker told us about an organization called Chip In! that helpls people raise money for whatever their cause is.  You can see on our toolbar on the right a "widget" for chip in.  We have set an arbitrary goal of $5,000.00  however, I would be blessed if we could raise even $5.00 for our efforts.  Anyway, if you are one of these people that REALLY wants to help us, and lives out of town, or otherwise can't make the fundraiser, feel free to make a donation through Chip In!  Again, I feel really awkward asking for money, and please know that we will be very good stewards of any gifts, and everything will go directly to Bethany Christian Services.  If you cannot or simply don't want to give, please understand there is NO, I repeat, NO, pressure, and I cannot tell who has, or for that matter who has not given, so we will not know what you choose to do.  We just wanted to create an easy way for those who have the ability and desire to help.

On another note, we received our photo books from snapfish.  These will be given to potential birthmothers by Bethany Christian.  This is how they first get to know us, and how they decide which family they want their child to grow up in.  We did as much as we could to show who we were, and are very excited by the end result.  I can't believe how quickly this is becoming real! 

Our next tasks are to create a YouTube video, basically a photo montage of us, as another marketing tool for prospective birthmothers.  Also, we have to do about 20 hours of education on adoption, and raising adopted children.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer, please pray that our baby is out there somewhere and that He prepares a path to our meeting our child soon!

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