Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We had a great meeting this evening with an adoption counselor and the mother-to-be who is considering us in her adoption plan.  She is an amazing young woman, who actually reminds me a lot of Leah.  We all shared a lot, and laughed a lot, and even cried a little.  We all seem to have very similar hopes and dreams for her baby boy, and I feel like they will be a perfect addition to our family.  I was amazed at how easy conversation was with her.  I am even more confident now that God has guided our paths together, and that this is all meant to be.  Other than that I am pretty much speechless.  I wouldn't know how to define how we are feeling.  Today was an answer to five years of prayers, and we can't wait to see what's next!


  1. Praise God you guys! He was totally carrying you in His hands and still is!! So exciting to read!

  2. "they will be a perfect addition to our family"


  3. Hey it's Bethany. Since I'm not on FB anymore, I saw on Paul's FB that you had a blog so I started reading (and added you to my reading list on my blog). I'm soooo excited for you!! I'm also so blessed by you! I pray that God is going to show up in a great, big way for you all! We love you and will add you to prayer lists and that if you need anything please let us know!! We are family and just around the corner!!!! I'm a blog follwer now ;)