Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adoption Update 3/27/2012

    Hello everyone,  I feel like this is probably the first of several updates that say basically... nothing happened... still waiting...  I know many of you are probably wanting an update, but the process is inherently slow.

    We did find out recently that all of our references have been received and we are now waiting to be assigned a case worker so that we can begin our home study process.  Also, as you read in the last blog we have finalized our fundraiser date, June 6th, at Buffalo Wild Wings on M-59 in Waterford.  As soon as I have the fliers, I will post them here, as well as on facebook, and anywhere else I can find to put them!  We are also looking into what would be required to form a non profit, tax exempt organization for our fundraising efforts.  I think that if we did go as far as to form the non-profit, we would probably continue the organization after our adoption and try to write grants for other couples looking to adopt.  The idea of helping others in our situation is exciting, and I almost want to go through with the non profit just for that aspect of it. 

    Also, I was speaking with a co-worker recently and she let me know of a young lady who is unexpectedly pregnant.  She had apparently contemplated abortion and is now considering adoption.  We referred her through my co-worker to Bethany Christian.  I also had my co-worker give her some information about us.  While it would be absolutely incredible for her to choose us, as we are just getting started, we really are praying that she does choose adoption and that the baby is saved from abortion.

Please continue to pray for us.  Especially for our finances, for the confusion associated with fundraising and tax exemption, etc., for our adoption process that it can be smooth and quick.  Also, please pray for the young mother I mentioned,  either way that she chooses, she is in for an emotional ride.  I pray that God protects her in the process.  And finally, pray for our baby wherever he/she is that God will protect him/her and prepare him/her for us.

Thanks for reading!


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