Thursday, March 15, 2012

An amazing group of people

We are so blessed to be surrounded by quite possibly the most amazing group of people in the world.  Since we started the blog, which in all honesty was more of an outlet for us than anything else, we have been bombarded by support and blessings from everywhere around us.  It is amazing to me how many people in our lives have been touched by adoption in some way.

We heard a story actually that even the people that lived in our house before us had a very similar story to ours.  They struggled with infertility after having their first child and ended up adopting their second.  This was a huge shock as we met the family, and their daughters could have been twins!

Anyway, since posting we have heard from so many different people from so many different areas of our lives.  We have been loved on by neighboors, coworkers, family, friends, acquaintances, and even some people we hardly know.  Everyone seems to be pulling for us, and wanting to help in anyway they can.  We will remember you when we need a babysitter!

Yesterday afternoon, the weather was absolutely beautiful.  I decided, despite anyone I told telling me I was nuts, to ride my bike to church rather than drive.  It is about 10 miles, and seeing as my most active day in the last 8 months was a movie/tv marathon on a Saturday, it was more than I was ready for.  However, as I was riding into church a huge smile came over my face, as I felt I had just accomplished something.   I had no idea what was in store.

After reading our blog one of our good friends, and the leader of our bible study, had asked us to share our story with our group.  At the end of the study, Leah and I, gave an abbreviated version of what was already hashed out in the previous posts, as well as shared our heart and our struggles.  Afterwards the group gathered around us, and prayed over us.  While I appreciated everyone who prayed for us, and was touched by every word that was spoken, one moment was especially moving.  A gentleman and his wife showed up for the first time last night.  In my opinion the only time in your life more awkward than lunch on your first day at a new school, is your first time attending a new bible study.  This man came into a group that has established a fairly strong connection over the last several months, and was open with us throughout the conversation.  Then as the group prayed over us, I heard his unfamiliar voice praying over us as well.  A man I have never met, was kind enough to feel our pain, and hope, and offer a petition to our amazing God on our behalf. 

Last night, Leah and I learned once again how wonderfully amazing our God is.  Last night God came down from his throne to E. Holly Road, and gave my wife and I just what we needed.  We were shown firsthand by Him what is happening for us all over the place.  Many people we know and love, and few that we may not have met before are praying for us.  Praying for a peace in our lives, and a baby in our home.    Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to get on your knees for us.

In regards to an update, as anyone who has seen this process before there is a whole lot of waiting.  All of our applications are in and Bethany, our adoption agency, has sent out reference letters to our personal and pastoral references.  Now we are waiting on those to be filled out and returned.  Once they are back in, as well as some sort of licensing from the state, we will be assigned a case worker, and the fun begins! 

Thank you again for all of your prayers... and keep it up!


  1. David, don't know if you know...but we have been there. We had Lorelai through IVF, and we plan on adopting a second child eventually because it is almost impossible for us to have one naturally.

    Praying for you guys.

    1. Thank you for your prayers! Lorelai may have been hard to come by but she certainly is worth it! she's looks adorable!

  2. David and Leah,

    The hardest part about my job in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit thus far has not been the loss of patients. While this is in fact extremely difficult, I am more deeply affected by the children who are left to suffer alone because their parents are in prison, addicted to drugs, or have made selfish choices.

    These awful situations, and the pain I feel for these babies who become orphans due to something completely out of their control, has pushed me to the point of really questioning my purpose in this institution.

    With the most sincerity I can offer, I have to tell you that reading through your posts thus far has given me an immense amount of peace and even optimism with my struggle. You two adopting a child like those I see abandoned every day shows me that not only do these kids have a good chance at a good home, but they may end up with the greatest kind of people as their parents. In that way they seem better off than most!

    Thank you for your selfless act of sharing your story. It has helped me put a very difficult part of my work into such a truly positive context. A NICU nurse holding a baby somewhere right now might be shaking his/her head at the dismal future this child will likely have, but if only they knew about you guys they could both smile.

    Good luck and we are praying for you as well!
    Much love,
    John G

    1. I never thought of NICU that way. I always imagined it being an impossible job because of the patients you lose. Thank you for the encouragement... I think you need to come up with an adoption good idea.

  3. David and Leah, I was introduced to your site by our mutual friend, Haley. My husband and I are also in the process of adopting. We do have two biological children but God has placed it on our hearts to care for orphans as we expand our family. I just wanted to offer you some encouragement that the adoption journey, though lengthy and sometimes stressful, is part of your testimony and the testimony of the child God will place in your home. I was adopted as an infant myself and when I met my biological family a few years ago, I was able to see the ways in which God sheltered and cared for me. Adoption stories are always so very special! Enjoy the journey and the blessings along the way! In Christ-Heidi

    1. Thanks Heidi! Haley is incredible isn't she! I can't wait to see how God uses this. I am amazed at how he already has!