Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something to blog about!

Last night, Leah and I prayed for something to happen so that we could blog about it today.  Earlier today, nothing had happened so I decided to blog anyway.  This is why you got the incredibly interesting "nothing happened" blog.  Well, our God is "faith"ful (you'll understand in a minute).  God gave us something to blog about.  This evening I received a call... well this afternoon I missed a call, and this evening I found my phone.  It seems that we have been assigned a case worker for our adoption, and will be beginning the homestudy process soon.  Faith (and they say He doesn't have a sense of humor...) our case worker, will be calling soon to schedule our first visit.

Thanks for your prayers, and we will keep you posted



  1. God is great! I couldn't get through reading this to Eric without crying. We will continue our prayers for you two. This is so awesome!!

  2. AWESOME David! That is great. Let me know what the home-study is like. Praying that everything happens in God's time for you.