Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fundraising 101

   Its no secret that adoption is expensive.  We have been trying to wrap our heads around exactly how we are going to come up with the funds we need when we eventually get placed with a child.  After doing some research we have found that there are several grants out there for couples looking to adopt.  It appears that most of them are for couples looking to do international adoption, or adoption of a minority, older, or potentially disabled child.  Because this is our first child, Leah and I really want a baby that looks like us, and we want to see them accomplish all of the benchmarks of an infant, we dont meet any of those criteria.  There are some grants for caucasian infant children, but because that is where most of the demand is, there is a lot of competition.  While we will be applying for every such grant we can find, I feel it is only responsible to try to raise as many funds as possible.  So far we have two sources of fundraising. 

    The first you will see on the right hand side and bottom of this page.  Google Adwords has a program called AdSense where we receive a portion of the proceeds from any clicks on our blog's advertisers.  They are linked to us based on the content of the site.  This morning when I looked at it is was a website for verses for your wedding, and a fertility clinic... so they do a pretty good job!  Anyway, I cannot encourage you to click on them for the sole purposes of driving revenue to us, and if you do we can actually get kicked out of the program.  However, if you see something that you are interested in I strongly encourage you to support our advertisers.

     Secondly, Buffalo Wild Wings in Waterford on M-59 is letting us host a fundraiser.  I am fairly confident that the date will be June 6th, and they will give us 20% of all of the revenues from anyone that has our coupon with them.  I will be posting the coupon here, and on facebook, and linkedin, and everywhere else I can find.  If you could also mark that date on your calendar, and plan on eating at BW3's on June 6th, I would really appreciate it.

    I spoke with Bethany Christian Services yesterday, and they have received most of our personal references and our licensing from the state.  We are just waiting on 2 of the references and we will be all set.  Please continue to pray for our process, specifically that these references will make their way to Bethany, and that he will prepare a beautiful baby for us to bring home soon.




  1. Let us know for sure on the date at BW's and we'll be there!

    Jess & Lloyd

  2. Thanks, Jessica.

    As long as you don't no show... missing appointments is unforgivable ;-)

    I will certainly let you know when the date is confirmed.

  3. The Ladd's will be there! It just happens to be our favorite restaurant. Maybe Scott will be walking on his own 2 feet by then...

  4. We'll be there of course! Love you guys!


  5. GREAT idea... Will they deliver? ;) Wish I lived closer, we'd be there, too.